who is eligible for the ITP

Baby laying on bed

A child and family may receive supports and services if the child is:

  • up to three years old and
  • has certain levels of developmental delay or an established condition.

A child with a developmental delay is not developing like other children his age.
The delay can be in one or more of the following areas:

  • thinking and learning
  • moving, seeing, hearing and health
  • understanding and using sounds, gestures and words
  • responding to and developing relationships
  • taking care of one's self when doing things like feeding or dressing

A child with an established condition has a diagnosed health condition that will very likely cause a developmental delay. This includes:

  • genetic disorders, such as Down Syndrome or cystic fibrosis
  • congenital infections, such as HIV and rubella
  • central nervous system disorders, such as cerebral palsy and epilepsy
  • hearing loss
  • vision problems
  • autism
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Who is Eligible:  Baby laying on bed

Use this checklist as one way to see whether your child is meeting developmental milestones during the first year. If you have questions or concerns about how your child sees, hears, moves, communicates, learns, plays or interacts with others, talk with your primary care physician or contact your local Children's Developmental Services Agency (CDSA). Success in your child's growth and development can benefit from EARLY action. The Earlier You Know, The Better They'll Grow!

1 month
  • Lifts head when on tummy
  • Looks at faces
2 months
  • Makes sounds - coos and gurgles
  • Follows objects with eyes
3 months
  • Recognizes faces
  • Holds head steady and upright
4 months
  • Smiles, laughs
  • Rolls from back to side
5 months
  • Holds out arms to be held
  • Likes to play peek-a-boo
6 months
  • Copies sounds
  • Rolls over in both directions
7 months
  • Creeps
  • Uses hands to pat, touch, stroke
8 months
  • Crawls
  • Pulls self up to standing
9 months
  • Says "Ma-ma" or "Da-da"
  • Responds to own name
10 months
  • Waves bye-bye
  • Drinks from a cup when it's held
11 months
  • "Walks" holding onto furniture
  • Picks up small objects
12 months
  • Uses simple gestures
  • Knows at least three words
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