getting started in the ITP

You know your child best, if you believe your child has a developmental delay or disability:

Contact your CDSA to make a referral. You can refer your child to the ITP by phone, fax, letter, or in person at your CDSA office. Search for your CDSA by using the "Find Your CDSA" search below. If your child is already three years old, contact your local school district or the Office of Early Learning.

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Work with your CDSA staff as they gather information from you about your child's development, health and medical history. Your concerns, interests and priorities will also be discussed. To determine if your child will benefit from ITP supports and services, evaluations and assessments must be completed. The information gathered will show your child's strengths and any areas of development that might benefit from early intervention.

Once your child is proven eligible, you may choose to enroll in the ITP. If you decide to enroll in the ITP, remember that you are your child's first and best teacher and advocate. Be an active participant in the program to help guide important decisions about your child and the supports and services he or she may need.

be a team playerProfessionals will work with your child and family as a team to build a plan of supports and services for desired outcomes related to your child's development. The team members will share with you information and resources, and identify strategies and activities related to the outcomes. This plan will become the foundation for your child's success.

be involvedYour child and family will benefit from the support, services and skills that the ITP offers. Your ability to use your family's daily routines to help your child learn and grow will increase as you become more involved.

be informedAs the needs of your child and family change, supports and services may also need to change. Know your family's rights while enrolled in the ITP. Effectively share your child's needs to other team members. Take an active role in helping your child develop and learn.

Download the Notice of Child & Family Rights document >> Download the ITP Parent Handbook >>

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