moving past the ITP

Children can transition out of the ITP when they are no longer in need of the supports and services of the ITP or when they turn three years of age. All children must transition out of the program by age three. As your child nears 2 1/2 years of age, your Early Intervention Service Coordinator will help you determine the next steps for your child.

be readyITP supports and services will end at or before your child's third birthday. Your Early Intervention Service Coordinator will work with your child and family to guide you through this transition. Transition from the ITP could be into the preschool program or into other community settings.

be preparedSmooth transitions are well planned and include open discussion and active participation. Open communication and cooperation between the families and the agencies serving your child are essential. This allows you and the providers to close old relationships and prepare for new ones.

be informedYou have the right and responsibility to make informed decisions about your choices and options. This may include visiting programs and agencies that offer services to meet your child's needs. It may also include having discussions with providers or other families receiving similar services and supports. This will help ensure that your decisions best meet the needs of your child and family.

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